Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How To Succeed With Women - 5 Tips To Help You Succeed With Women The Quickest Way Possible

by Jay Sullivan

Every man wants to have an attractive, funny and loyal woman in their lives. But for most guys it can take a lifetime to figure out how to get such a woman. The tips below will help you in learning how to succeed with women the quickest way possible.
Beating The Fear Will Help You Learn How To Succeed With Women:

Probably one of the biggest obstacles men face when trying to pick up women isn't anything to do with the women themselves, it's an internal obstacle. FEAR of embarrassment or rejection. You need to overcome this if you want to have real success with women. The best way to do this is to just get out there and approach women!

Use The Girls Name To Increase Sexual Chemistry And Help You Learn How To Succeed With Women:

When speaking to a girl you've just met, and you've found out her name, try to use it in your conversations around every 10 minutes. Women love hearing their own name. You can use her name to spark more interest into the conversation, and YOU. Just say her name, pause for a second and then carry on with what you was going to say casually and with confidence.

Progressive Questioning Will Help You Learn How To Succeed With Women:

Always remember that open ended questions are better than those that are easy to answer with a simple "yes" or "No". So for instance instead of asking a girl "Do you like working here" ask the question " So, what's it like working here?".

Let's do another example. Instead of asking "have you had a good day?" Ask her " So, what's the best thing that's happened to you today then?"

One Way Number Swaps Are A No No When Learning How To Succeed With Women:

Never only give your number to a girl. Doing so leaves too high a chance that she wont call you! Instead, just get hers or do a two way swap...she gives you her number, and you give her yours. The balance of equal power makes the end of the conversation feel less like a standard pickup.

Don't Forget Day Time Pickups To Help You Learn How To Succeed With Women:

Remember that day time pickups (approaching, talking to and getting a girl's number during the day time) are just as good as night time seduction attempts! In fact, they are often better. Clubs and bars have seediness linked to them in the minds of many girls, which can make picking up girls even harder - plus, there is more competition from other males!

Attracting and seducing the same women during the daytime however, whether it be in a coffee shop, library or shopping center, can be at least 50 times easier! That's because daytime pickups feel more natural and spontaneous.

So there are 5 tips to help you learn how to succeed with women, you'll find plenty more by visiting the site below!

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